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University of Cebu School of Law

Welcome to the University of Cebu School of Law!

It is my honor to introduce to you this very dynamic, vibrant, diverse, and inclusive community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Since its first batch of graduates took the 2006 Philippine Bar Examination, UC Law has already produced five Bar Exam placers and several topnotch lawyers who are now successful in their fields of specialization in the judiciary, government agencies, private institutions and organizations, and law firms.

As one of the pioneer graduates, I am a witness to how UC Law, in the short span of about 15 years, has rapidly grown and evolved from an unknown provincial law school to one of the best performing law schools in the country.

UC Law owes its success to its supportive, dedicated, and high-caliber faculty composed of lawyers who are experts in their respective practice areas. Many of our professors are Bar Exam placers and honor graduates who are united in developing grit in our students in their pursuit of excellence. Our professors, who genuinely believe that teaching is a vocation, are passionate about what they teach and thus inspire students to study more and get genuinely interested in what they are learning. Our faculty is known for their “tough love,” wanting only to give their students the best preparation for the legal practice.

As the new dean of UC Law, I am very excited to introduce positive reforms that will further improve its performance as a law school. We shall do this through programs which will strengthen its partnership with various local and international agencies, as well as its linkages with Philippine and foreign law schools. We will ensure constant improvement of its facilities and services, effectively address the mental health and development of its students, improve its ranking in the list of best law schools in the Philippines, and make its presence felt in the international community. To this end, the law school will exert conscious efforts in producing not only globally-competitive and topnotch lawyers, but most importantly, good and responsible human beings.

I invite you to check out more of our website and learn how a legal education from UC Law can help you further your goals in life and make an impact in our community. Please also visit us and let us help you achieve your dream of becoming a lawyer. While there are many law schools in the Philippines, particularly in Cebu, UC Law can offer you not just excellence in legal education but also genuine caring for you as a person and an unwavering commitment to help you become a better person. We look forward to meeting you.

Dean Al-Shwaid Ismael, Esq., Ll.M.
Dean and Professor of Law

To become one of the best law schools, if not the best law school, in the Asia Pacific Region that promote law reform, social development, respect for the rule of law, and awareness of civic responsibility of lawyers.

As center for quality legal learning and research, to provide student-centered and socially-relevant education through globally competitive academic and professional skills development programs.

To this end, we shall:

1. Attract, retain, and develop top caliber students, faculty and staff;
2. Develop and continually upgrade our curriculum;
3. Provide and maintain world-class facilities and quality services for the students, faculty and staff;
4. Institutionalize our scholarship programs;
5. Strengthen our linkages with local and foreign agencies and institutions;
6. Participate actively in advocacy and legal aid programs; and
7. Maintain and improve our various programs, including the MCLE.

Consistent with its Vision and Mission, UC School of Law aims to:

Clarify and push the frontiers of knowledge in law through basic legal education and research;
Promote the good of the person and the welfare of society through the pursuit of truth within the mechanisms of a democratic society;
Advance the cause of the less-privileged and the marginalized sectors of the country through an efficient delivery of justice in the courts of law; and
Produce competent and exemplary lawyers who passes not only the orientation, knowledge and skills in law but also the desirable moral values expected of the members of the legal profession

In carrying out its Goals, UC School of Law adopts and will inculcate in its students, faculty, and staff the following values of the University:

Innovation – We embrace change and technological advancement to improve lives.
Camaraderie – We live together in the spirit of love, harmony, and respect for the dignity of the human person.
Alignment – We value common good and appreciate oneness, fairness and consistency.
Respect – We practice professionalism at all times and abide by the University’s guiding principles.
Excellence – We are driven and committed to become the finest higher educational institution.

Location: Gov. M. Cuenco Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Contact: (+63) 32 505 4978


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