Democratize quality education.
Be the visionary and industry leader.
Give hope and transform lives.

Goals & Values


• To create an adaptable organization capable of teaching international standards. Develop human resources be developing individuals (faculty, staff, and students) into responsible and disciplined professionals with a sense of pride and fulfillment in who we are and what we do. Create a school environment that is professional and motivated yet caring and supportive.

• Produce graduates who can perform competently in the work place, with the technical expertise to do their job, the stability to understand and translate complex material and discipline nd attitude needed to get the job done.

• Position the university to be a leading academic instituion in Asia with a reputation for innovation in transforming low to middle income students into competent professionals.

Position the university in the local and international marketplace as a preferred source for college graduates.


These are, therfore the values that the University of Cebu believes in:
• We value Truth, Justice, Beauty, Respect, Integrity, and Common Good, Service, and Commitment.
• We value our cultural heritage and sportsmanship.
• We value the welfare and well-being of the total person regardless of status and rank.
• We value stewardship of God's creation and of man's inventions.