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About UC

From a modest start in 1964, the Cebu College of Commerce (CCC) of old has come a long way. Beginning with a handful of enrollees, what used to be an undersized college has succesfully evolved into a world-class university in Asia Pacific, while holding true to its philantropic mantra, "NO TUITION FEE INCREASE".

With forty-two (42) years of quality education, the University of Cebu (UC) has been awarded a Deregulated status by the Commision on Higher Education (CHED), while recognized by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commision on Accreditation (PACUCOA) as a learning institution with the most accredited programs.

Currently, UC is cultivating more than 42,000 promising young minds while producing board topnotchers through its four campuses that are conveniently situated within different parts of Cebu.

University of Cebu commits itself to:
  • Serve as an active catalyst in providing efficient delivery of educational services;
  • Pursue excellence in instruction, research and community services towards social and economic development as well as environmental sustainability;
  • Acquire, disseminate and utilize appropriate technology to enhance the university’s educational services; and
  • Foster an organizational culture that nurtures employee productivity and engagement.

Graduate Attributes
A UCnian is a/an:
  • Life-long learner
    Demonstrate skills and competencies in one’s educational level and field of discipline towards lifelong learning
  • Effective Communicator
    Exhibit proficiency in listening, speaking, writing, reading and viewing
  • Socially Accountable and Responsible
    Demonstrate social accountability and ethical responsibility towards the community and the environment
  • Team Player
    Exhibit proactive and collaboration in a diverse society
  • Technically Competent
    Utilize appropriate technology
  • Ethically Responsible
    Manifest ethical behavior in diverse situation

Institutional Goals
  1. To offer programs to include Alternative Learning Systems (ALS) that are relevant, holistic and complaint with institutional, regulatory, industry and accreditation standards that will develop life-long learners.
  2. To develop among stakeholders social awareness, responsibility and accountability anchored on institution, research and production.
  3. To complement the academic programs with holistic and integrated student personnel services.
  4. To develop a pool of qualified, professional and motivated faculty in the areas of instruction, research and community extension.
  5. To ensure effective administration and supervision of instructional and learning resources in support of the academic programs.
  6. To provide an environment that is safe, functional and conducive to teaching, learning and working.
  7. To ensure operations which are collaborative, sustainable, efficient and effective in meeting the needs of the institution and its stakeholders.

Core Values
These are the core values that the University of Cebu upholds:
  • Innovation
    Be the visionary and the industry leader.
  • Camaraderie
    Living in the spirit of harmony and approachability.
  • Alignment
    All activities are geared towards core values and priorities.
  • Respect
    Always a professional, mindful of God, university, the community and self.
  • Excellence
    To be great at whatever it is we do and go for the best.