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Have you been by-passed for promotion because you do not have a college diploma?
Gain the competitive edge to get ahead in your career with University of Cebu’s Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP)
(degree programs for people currently in the work force)
ETEEAP allows you to pursue your degree with flexibility while you’re working so you can get that coveted Bachelor’s Degree without sacrificing the present.

UC’s ETEEAP modular learning course includes:
  1. An educational assessment of the knowledge, skills and prior learning acquired through non-formal and informal educational experiences
  2. Alternative learning modes administered by assigned faculty mentors to fulfill competency standards
At the end of the program the candidates undergo an oral revalida and present their individual work-related study to a Panel of Assessors who recommends the appropriate degree.
The University of Cebu is deputized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to implement this program since June 1999.
Courses Offered
1. BS Business Administration
Major in:
Financial Management
Human Resource Development Management
Management Accounting
Marketing Management
2. BS Criminology
3. Allied Engineering
3.1 BS Civil Engineering
3.2 BS Computer Engineering
3.3 BS Electrical Engineering
3.4 BS Mechanical Engineering

Qualifications of the Applicant (CMO No. 8,S.2009)
To qualify, a candidate must meet the following criteria:
  1. Established Filipino citizenship
  2. Completed secondary education or passed the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) equivalent to first year college
  3. Employment of at least five (5) years related to the academic degree applied for
  4. At least twenty-five (25) years old

Admission Requirements
A. Personal Records
A.1 Accomplished ETEEAP Application Form with 1×1 picture
A.2 Letter of Intent written by the Applicant
A.3 Resume
A.4 NSO Birth Certificate
A.5 NSO Marriage Certificate (for married female appliants)
A.6 Form 138 for High school graduates or Transcript of Records (for evaluation purposes)
B. Work Experience & Professional Achievement Records
B.1 Certificate of Employment (all employment records including job descriptions)
B.2 Certificate of Seminars/Trainings attended (certified true copy by the employer)

Step 1: Orientation
Applicant goes to the ETEEAP Office for orientation, completion of Application Form and schedule of submission of documents.

Step 2: Submission of Requirements
Applicant prepares all documents & admission requirements.
2.1 Submits his/her documents for pre-assessment
2.2 Pays testing fee at the Cashier’s Office
2.3 Takes the aptitude test at the Guidance Center
2.4 Submits for interview to the Panel of Assessors
Step 3: Competency Assessment
Panel of Assessors reviews the following:
3.1 Evaluates the applicant’s documents and the aptitude test results and recommends the appropriate modular learning package for applicants who qualify.
3.2 Those who do not qualify are informed of their deficiencies for them to complete the requirements.
Step 4: Scheduling The ETEEAP Coordinator informs the applicant of the following:
4.1 Result of the assessment process
4.2 Modular subject packages to be taken with the schedule of classes
4.3 Faculty ex pert who will handle the modular learning package
4.4 Schedule of course fees
Step 5: Enrolment
Candidate follows the Enrollment Procedures and proceeds to the following offices:
5.1 Students’ Affairs Office to fill-out the transferee/returnee form
5.2 ETEEAP Office for plotting of subjects
5.3 Accounting Office for assessment of fees
5.4 Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Office for encoding and printing of study load
5.5 Cashier for payment of course fees
5.6 ID System for ID capturing
5.7 Library for processing of Library Card
Step 6: Compliance of Requirements of Modular Learning Package
The candidate is required to complete the following requirements:
6.1 Attends all modular sessions scheduled by the faculty expert
6.2 Establishes residency of at least two (2) semesters or one (1) year
6.3 Settles his/her account and other required fees
6.4 Takes the comprehensive exam (for board courses), and oral revalida before the Panel of Assessors
6.5 Presents a work-related study to the Panel of Assessors
6.6 Submits his/her portfolio to the ETEEAP Office

Step 7: Graduation/Conferring of Degree
The candidate prepares for graduation requirements:
7.1 Fills out and submits the application for graduation to the registrar
7.2 Attends the graduation ceremony and is awarded with the degree
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Trunkline: (63.32) 255 7777 local 176
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ETEEAP Director: Ms. Gwen Belarmino
Mobile No.: 0922-8470055