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Student Affairs Office

The STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICE works in the best interest of the University of Cebu (including its community of students and staff). The STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICE must also assist the University to meet its vision, mission and goals and strive to act in a manner that reinforces the University’s values.”

“Student life is never complete without organizations and activities, which enrich and enliven the academic community. The SAO, therefore, intends to respond to the needs and demands of the students in order to promote a more active and vibrant campus life.”
“This office, moreover, trains and develops student leaders who can positively contribute to the intellectual, civic, religious, as well as political ferment in the society.”

Our Objectives:
  • Instill in the student a sense of belonging through meaningful involvement and participation in school activities and membership in school activities and membership in student organizations.
  • Stimulate student’s interest to become active partners in attaining excellence.
  • Promote the formation of student organizations aimed at protecting and preserving the environment, developing social, technical and people skills, as well fostering the spirit of volunteerism and community building.
  • Instill in the students the essence of knowing and understanding their rights, duties and responsibilities toward themselves, others and the nation consistent with the aspiration of the University.
  • Intensify the linkages with the socio-civic groups, professional associations and government offices to strengthen the youth development programs.
Key Result Area
  • Regular coordination with the student affairs and service offices relative to responsive action on expressed concerns and needs of students.
  • Designs and maintain a sustainable range of programs that complement and enhance the student’s academic growth such as comprehensive orientation program to old and new students, leadership training seminars and student for a.
  • Recognized student organizations whose objectives is to provide holistic – socio – educational, cultural experiences directed towards achieving their members chosen goal and develop clubs, associations and organizations to provide students with a set of choices that may cater to their needs and preferences.
  • Conduct periodic evaluation of activities conducted for student development, whether such activities adhere to the core values of the University and in consonance with the SAO objectives.
Specific Services
1. Accredit Student Organization
2. Process Uniform Exemption
3. Co-implementor of school policies
4. Select students for youth conferences
5. Conduct students’ orientation
6. Conduct teachers evaluation by students
7. Recommends students needing assistance
    8. Conduct Leadership Training
9. Approve posting of informative materials
10. Evaluate transferees and returnees before admission
11. Issue employment referral
12. Issue Declaration Of Loss for lost ID
13. Job Placement and career services