University of Cebu Lapu Lapu and Mandaue (UCLM)

UC Lapu lapu - Mandaue (LM) sits at the foot of the old Mactan Bridge, connecting the cities of Cebu and Lapulapu. The cities of Lapulapu and Mandaue are zones for dynamic economic activities that include International industrial export processing companies - producing computer hardwares, electronic wares, furniture and metalworks, fashion accessories and processed food among others. Lapulapu is the location of the Cebu International Airport, ones gateway to the vibrant leisure and tourism industry of Cebu. UCLM in this sense provides for its students trainings and education responsive to the bigger picture of its locale that is thriving with endless opportunities.
The University of Cebu was founded in 1964. As an institution of higher learning, the university is committed to an authentic education that is founded on the principles of humanity, nationalism and academic excellence.
In May 1995, a satellite campus of UC was opened in the vicinity of Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue, hence UCLM. Still true to its origins, UCLM upholds and realizes the vision of UC through the formation of an empowered community of person, who, through character formation and academic excellence contributes to the development of society.


  1. when would be the second sem must be started ?

  2. do you have a PSCRB MARPOL training? when will it start.and what are the requirements for enrolment?. thanks..

  3. TO: UCLM Administration.

    When is the 2014 Graduation at UCLM? I want to know because I am working abroad and I want to go home for my daughter's graduation. Please let me know the exact date soonest so that I could make the booking and travel preparations. Maraming salamat ho!
    -A Parent

  4. i would like to ask if are you accepting people who are now working and must continue thier studies in to apply for that?Hope to hear your positive response on this concern.thanks and god bless!!

    louie Manco of Catmon, Cebu

  5. ahm can I ask ??? ahmm wen is the entrance exam for BS in Accountancy ??

  6. when is the entrance exam of bsmt course ???/
    i really need it..