The Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) is an Educational assessment scheme which recognizes knowledge, skills and prior learning obtained by Individuals from non-formal and informal education experiences. By establishing equivalency competence standards and a comprehensive assessment system employing written test, interviews, skills demonstration and other creative assessment methodologies, higher education institutions may administer competency-based evaluation. A Panel of Assessors is convened to determine the candidates’ knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to a particular discipline, and consequently equivalent credits and appropriate certificates and degrees are awarded by administering higher education institutions.
The mandate to implement the program is embodied in Executive Order 330 issued by President Fidel V. Ramos on May 13, 1996 as an offshoot of the recommendation of the First Employment Summit in September 1995.
To accredit and assess prior non-formal/informal learning of individuals towards the granting of equivalent degree.
  1. Ensuring the highest standards of quality that are acceptable to employers and academe, consistent with international standards of practice of professions.
  2. Non-discrimination to entry of participants to the program.
  3. Fairness, creativity, and appropriateness of the assessment process.
  4. Adherence to the highest principles of integrity and excellence.
  5. Partnership between the industry, professional, associations, professional regulatory bodies and the academe
  6. Promotion of career guidance, self-evaluation and further competency enhancement
Who may benefit from the program?
  • Any Filipino who must have, at least graduated from high school, or must have obtained PEPT placement equivalent to first year college.
  • One who must have been employed for at least (5) five years in the field or industry related to the academic program or discipline he/she is obtaining an equivalency.
  • He/She must be at least 22 yrs. old, and must present a birth certificate to support the claim.
  • One who is able to show evidence capability and thorough knowledge in the field applied for equivalency
  • He/She must submit any of the following:
    • Certificate of Proficiency issued by a government regulatory board.
    • Certificate of Proficiency issued by the employer(s)
    • Certificate of Proficiency issued by a licensed practitioner in the field (where applicable) or
    • A business organization
  • One who can submit an accomplished ETEEAP Application Form.
Admission Requirements
Students who apply for admission are interview and tested to determine:
a. Proficiency in English
b. Scholastic abilities, aptitude and quality of thinking,
c. Position of Character trait requirements of applicants, such as:
      1. Degree of maturity (Intellectual, Emotional, Social).
      2. Industry
      2. Leadership
      1. Mechanical Engineering
      2. Electrical engineering
      3. Civil Engineering
      4. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
      5. Commerce
      6. Criminology
A. Enrollment
  1. The candidate obtains a copy of the Application Form or portfolio from the Office of the UC-ETEEAP Office.
  2. The candidate submits three copies of the following documents to the UC-ETEEAP Office:
          2.1 Accomplished Application Form
          2.2 Birth certificate
          2.3 Academic Records(e.g. Form 137, High School Diploma, Transcript of Records)
          2.4 Certificate of Employment or Service Records
          2.5 Certification of individual proficiency, trainings and seminars
  3. The UCC-ETEEAP Director refers the applicant to the Accounting Office for payment of Php500.00 as Processing and Verification Fee.
  4. The UC-ETEEAP Director conducts preliminary interview and evaluation of documents.
  5. The UC-ETEEAP Office furnishes the Registrar and the concerned College Dean the Candidate’s portfolio.
  6. The UC-ETEEAP Office will notify the Candidate of the schedule for interview by the College Dean and Admission Test which will be conducted by the Guidance Center.
  7. Once the Interview Results and Admission Test results are available, the Committee which is composed of the UC-ETEEAP Director, College Dean and Registrar shall evaluate the Candidate’s portfolio.
  8. The candidate will be accredited according to the following criteria:
          8.1 Formal Learning – academic records:
          8.2 Non-Formal Education, like sponsored training, workshops, etc.:
          8.3 Informal Learning – knowledge obtained through self-study, related job experiences
  9. After review/evaluation of the documents, in cases where the candidate needs further knowledge or skills, he/she will be advised to enroll in appropriate subject(s) in orderto complete his/her learning;
  10. The Vice Chancellors for Academic Affairs approve the Evaluation Form showing the summary of recommended subject.
  11. The Candidate plots the necessary subjects, supplemental courses or training programs, as the case may be, within the specified time/semester; (Note: The Candidate should be able to complete the requirements of the courses enrolled within the specified time/semester).
  12. Assessment of account according to the total number of units to enroll shall be determined by the evaluators;
  13. Candidates will be required to pay at least 50% of the total cost upon enrollment. Balance will be fully paid to secure the Final Assessment Permit as one of the requirements of the subjects enrolled.
  14. The Candidate submits the Proof of Payment and Plotting Form to the ETEEAP Office for enrolment processing.
  15. The Candidate claims the Study Load at the ETEEAP Office.
  16. After Enrollment, the College Dean concerned assigns qualified teachers/faculty advisers to handle the identified subjects;
  17. Office of the ETEEAP Director issue a certificate indicating the names of the assigned teachers to handle the enrolled subjects;
  18. Grantee presents the certifications to the Dean of the program and to the teachers concerned for the schedule of classes;
B. Final Evaluation
Final Evaluation is given as soon as the Candidate is able to pass in all the required subjects.
  1. For Board Courses, a Candidate shall be required to undergo and pass the Comprehensive Examination. The Candidate pays the comprehensive Examination Fee at the Cashier’s Office prior to taking the Examination.
  2. The College Dean endorses the results of the Comprehensive Examination to the UC-ETEEAP Office.
  3. The UC-ETEEAP Director in consultation with the College Dean recommends to the Vice Chancellors of Academic Affairs the schedule of the Oral Examination and the Panel of Assessors for approval. (Note: The conduct of the Oral Examination should be within the specified semester. The Panel of Assessors is composed of the Vice Chancellors of Academic Affairs or its Representative, ETEEAP Director, College Dean, Faculty Expert and Representative from Industry or Professional Organization).
  4. The Candidate pays to the Cashier’s office the Oral Examination Fee.
  5. Once the Candidate shall have passed the Oral Examination, the UC-ETEEAP Director shall advise the Candidate to apply for graduation.
C. Application for Graduation
The Candidate secures the Application Form for Graduation from the Registrar’s Office. Filing should be done at least three (3) weeks before graduation for inclusion in the Graduation Program.
  1. The Candidate pays the graduation fee, diploma, and other related graduation expenses at the Accounting Office.
  2. The Candidate submits the accomplished Application Form for Graduation to the UC-ETEEAP Office.
  3. The UC-ETEEAP Office forwards the accomplished Application Form for Graduation, Grade Sheets and the Certificate of Completion to the Registrar’s Office.
D. Releasing of Transcript of Records
  1. The ETEEAP student secures the Clearance Form from the Registrar’s Office.
  2. The Candidate pays the corresponding fees to Cashier’s Office.
  3. The Candidate submits the accomplished Clearance Form to the Registrar’s Office.
  4. The Registrar’s Office releases the Transcript of Records three to five (3-5) working days after the submission of the accomplished Clearance form.